Marjorie's ramblings

By walkingMarj


First, I must thank everyone who looked at or commented on or gave favourites to yesterday's 1500. Thank you very much indeed.

A few of you have asked me to blip my recent photo class homework. This is the project on the theme of Openings. I was in Romania on holiday and visite the Sighet Museum. This is a former prison for victims of communism in Romania.

I found the experience of being there very moving and I put together 6 images for my project. I was thinking very much about how openings can also be closings and how the prisoners must have longed to see light streaming into their miserable cells. In one cell the chain on the floor was used as a punishment - the prisoner had to stand up all the time.

The images are mainly shot using high ISO and are all hand held. They are all 11 x 7.5 inches and mounted on 20 x 16 inch board. For the purposes of tonight's image I have blotted out the edges of the boards. I may put the images elsewhere for you to see because you cannot determine the detail here. Try large.

Everyone in the class produced amazing panels this morning. It was really inspiring to see the work. My other panel on Shape and Form contained close up images or flowers, some of which you have already seen in recent weeks.

This afternoon the other Marjorie and I had tea and a long chat. She is so deep thinking that I love listening too her and talking to her - a very special friend.

Time to put my feet up now.

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