A time for everything

By turnx3


More snow overnight and during the morning, though again very fine, giving me about another 3-4 inches to shovel from the driveway in the afternoon - at least I'm getting some upper body exercise this week! Schools were closed again. I was suffering from the winter blues this morning, so I called my friend E. for a chat which helped. Then this afternoon Laura called for a chat. I am so blessed with two daughters who keep in regular touch. Laura will often call a couple of times a week, and she has a really busy, active life, so I love it that she still likes to chat with her Mum! Now our son, that's a different story - several weeks will go by without us hearing from him! Choir practice was cancelled this evening, although the roads around here are fine, but our local area does a really great job with snow-clearing - I know other areas aren't as fortunate.

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