This is some rather fine carving on a Monk's seat which we have had for some years. Sadly, part of the folding seat back has cracked and split, but the rest of the bench is still good.

This is the only picture I managed to take today (a single frame). For several days I have been glued to my computer preparing an audio-visual presentation of a wedding at which we were guests last year. I took a lot of photographs there, and I also used a sound recorder to capture the wedding service, the speeches, and other sounds from the day. It had always been my intention to make an AV, but I had never got around to it. Then my wife suggested that it would be good to present an AV to the happy couple on their first anniversary. The only trouble was that the anniversary was at the end of this week - so I suddenly had to get down to work, and it was quite a lot of work! I'm just about there though.

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