A Life of Laughter

By LaughterLover

Bicycling Everywhere

After a slow and lazy start to the morning (and Rory sorting out Cottage bits and bobs) we headed out on the bikes to explore Rory's surrounding villages. I must admit, I was loving it for the lack of hills!

It was Rory's first time out of his mountain bike since he separated his should well over a month ago. I've missed going for cycles together, it was good to be back! We crossed the coolest bridge at the beginning of the cycle, it bounced as you cycled across it! It was a little bit freaky; it felt like it was about to fall at any moment!

Once back, changed and fed, we had a lazy afternoon. Trying to locate our missing Tesco points was the main concern (we merged Rory's credit card into my clubcard account and all of our previous vouchers have been wiped from my account) as we are planning to use them to get money off our next holiday!

We did a little food shop, I made dinner and we played the xbox and watched House of Cards before I had to leave to catch the bus home! Straight to bed when I get in so I'll be refreshed for my last day at work tomorrow...then it's off to Uni on Sunday. Where has the summer gone?

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