My day with Pam

larger collage

Pam and I went through the Nia movement White Belt Training together almost 2 years ago, it's hard to believe! Here's a blip of the day Irene, myself, Dawn and Pam graduated from our Nia Training-whoo hoo! Pam went on to be a Nia Teacher in Lakeland, Florida -about and hour and a half from me. Because of this distance I don't get to see her that often, but sometimes she comes down this way, like she did for a special Nia class last month. At the brunch afterwards we took a double selfie and I blipped it then! She also came to visit last October and I have a fun blip of her and the pups on the river -it was exactly one year after our training, how wild!!

We were more in touch after the special class and brunch and I invited Pam to join me and some other friends from Conscious Movement at Lucas Boatworks this Saturday. Our plan was to kayak a bit on the river and try out the SUP board Steven made. Wheee! We did and it was really fun. Pam drove down after work on Friday and had dinner with us (veggie lasagna by me, garlic bread by steven!) accompanied by some delicious wine. We sat around and talked after dinner and the conversation flowed easily. It was a pleasure to spend time with her and get to know her better.

In the morning after breakfast we used our boat Chelsea to tow the single man canoes over to Lucas boatworks. Denise and Deb had gotten there earlier and were already out on the river in kayaks. Pam got a quick lesson as this was her first time kayaking -she did fantastic! Pam & I took off up river because I know that direction the best. Later, we all met back up in the cove in front of Lucas Boatworks at the same time! Steve got the SUP board out and we carefully got on it and paddled around. It takes balance! Plenty of things to see at Lucas Boatworks as there is always a boat in progress or something being made.

Such an enjoyable Friday & Saturday for me. Of course Steve and I took a lot of photos, I think about 150!! In the end I just decided a photo collage was the best way to remember this day : ) with great fondness . . .

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