Above And Beyond...

By BobsBlips

Mono Monday Dead Tree - Sirhowy Valley

I took some photo's during the night before climbing into bed about 2am.

The phone went off at 5.45am and within five minutes I was driving to another job. It's a horrible feeling being awake but your mind is still in sleep mode. I eventually got back to bed about 7.30am having seen a lovely sunrise but wasn't in a position to stop anywhere and take a photo.

By the time we got up and my brother had stopped by for a cuppa, it was about 12.30am before we collected my son's dogs. We decided to go somewhere local as we were late going out, and decided on Sirhowy Valley Country Park, near Risca.

I haven't been here for nearly 20 years and have forgotten it. It's really lovely and we will certainly go back. Tracks lead everywhere and we just kept walking up. Eventually we arrived at Machen Coal Slag which we can see from our house. I never realised Sirhowy was so close! On the walk up I took the blip photo of the dead tree and black & white seemed to suit it due to it's state.

I looked at the photo's taken during the night and I'm not that happy; as it's Mono Monday, the chosen picture is apt. Sort of looks like how I felt when I was woken up with little sleep.

This evening I got a virus on my laptop and it's taken an age to sort it out. I have a good virus protection program but these virus's and adware are a right pain. I detest the people who write these things.

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