the river at night

look at those clouds, wow!!
I had not taken any photos and the sun was setting. I decided to go out back and try using different 'scene settings' on my E-M10 to take a few photos of the river /canal and the sky/clouds. I tried things like sunset, candle, hand held starlight, landscape, fireworks, even Auto - knowing each one would probably give me a slightly different photo.

This was the one I liked the best, straight out of the camera except for some cropping. Of course I don't remember exactly which setting this was taken with, but I can tell from the data the iso was 1600, f/3.5, exposure time 1/8 sec, and exposure bias -0.3. And can you imagine there was another photo I took, I am guessing it was the hand held starlight one because I could hear it exposing for a long time, where the iso was 10000? yes! And it looked okay! That Olympus E-M10 is something else! I have a new satchel with a special padded camera compartment, a Lowepro Passport Sling to take it with me safely to Scotland (and Boston!). Three more days here for me to finish packing and getting ready . . . and I'm off!

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