Arnside and beyond

By gladders

Appearances and disappearances

This isn't necessarily representative of the day in any respect, but it is possibly the best photograph I took (I didn't take many). The sun made a final flourish of an appearance after a day of cloudy skies. Gus and I walked the estuary route with my sister Jan, and Gus performed his usual set of tricks and routines - and all with no reward as I had forgotten to bring the treats. The setting sun turned the sky gold, and a lesser black-backed gull with its mewing juvenile did a fly by as I pointed the camera across the Kent channel towards Grange.

These last two days we have had my aunt and uncle from Australia staying, brought here on Friday evening by Jan. They are in Britain for a month to help celebrate my Dad's 90th birthday in 10 days time. This time next week, we shall be aboard a ship sailing down the Italian coast.

Today, we were later getting out than planned, and our tour of the local Cumbria Arts venues was curtailed. Worse, when we arrived at Wolfhouse shortly before closing, they had nearly run out of cakes, and Ray and Sylvia didn't much fancy what they had left.

The other news is that Jan and I spent about an hour combing the garden looking for Reggie who has performed another one of his disappearing acts. We didn't find him. That's a little worrying as we begin to approach hibernation time, and we need to know where he is. Let's hope a hot, sunny day brings him out in the next week.

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