Arnside and beyond

By gladders


A very quick blip tonight as I have more preparation to do before our Inquiry appearance tomorrow. I needed to get out this evening after I got home, but Gus was with Wifie, so I went out alone and ventured further out onto the mudflats at Sandside than I would have done had he been with me.

There is always a lot of bird activity here, particularly at dusk. Geese and gulls were moving down the estuary, and here the gulls were spiralling down to join other birds on the mud.

We drove through the Lake District this morning, mist was sitting on Windermere, while Rydal water and Grasmere were reflecting the surrounding fells like mirrors. It so often happens that the best conditions are when there's no time to stop. But this evening's stroll in the fresh air made up for that.

Hopefully I can catch up with journals tomorrow or Thursday. Apologies for my present silence.

ps My sister found Reggie, he's now safely in his house.

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