Arnside and beyond

By gladders

Not the tour of Britain

This might have been a picture of Bradley Wiggins or Mark Cavendish hauling their bikes with tired legs up the horribly steep Beast Banks in Kendal at the end of the 117 mile Cumbria and Lake District stage of the Tour of Britain. But I was unable to escape from a meeting in the office a mile away. Bad timing.

So instead here we have a flying spaniel that probably could have kept up with the peloton all the way. He was sprinting back and forth along the mudflats just below the seawall at Sandside. All his owner had to do was stand on the wall above and watch, and the dog did the rest.

Whereas Gus and I after tea, and in the rain and wind, both covered the ground on our estuary walk. In the rabbit field, Gus proudly presented me with something he had found. Something left behind, I guess, by the buzzard that was flying overhead being mobbed by a crow. Half of a rabbit: a bit or a rab. Our Gus had no intention of trying to eat it, he just wanted to show me his find, gruesome as it was.

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