Arnside and beyond

By gladders


The ponded water in the estuary tonight was perfectly still as the sun set behind the clouds, and there was just the faintest touch of salmon pink in the sky and reflecting in the water. Herons at the water's edge can be very difficult to approach, but this one stayed long enough for me to get a few shots as the light was falling.

Poor Gus, he was patiently waiting for his slalom round the woof trees while I was being distracted by the light and the reflecting cloud. It had been an unproductive day with the camera, too dull in the morning, raining at lunchtime, and grey on the way home. But as so often happens, the day saved its best until the last moments of the light.

I shall be away tomorrow, and back home late on Thursday, I shall be out of blipping range, so I may not be here for a couple of days.

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