Arnside and beyond

By gladders


I have seen people doing this once before on the Kent estuary in Arnside, but this has an added extra. I wonder if I could train Gus to stand motionless at the front of a paddle board as this lady has done with her greyhound?

I stopped to take this photograph as I came into Arnside this evening. I had thought I might be blipless.

It was a long day driving over to Workington, then at the Inquiry trying to explain things that are far too complicated for my poor brain, then a quick visit to Ennerdale before driving home. That was just about the last act in a piece of work that has occupied a huge amount of time in the last 6 months. Who knows which way it will go?

And on much bigger themes, tomorrow is a momentous day for Scotland and the rest of the UK. Who knows which way it will go? For anyone reading this in Scotland, I hope the result is what you wish for.

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