Above And Beyond...

By BobsBlips

Stag Sunset

It's been quite breezy today and the sea has been choppy. It hasn't been a problem as we're happy under some trees around the pool, which is quite long, and ideal for the wife to knock out her lengths. What's also nice is the hotel chickens have a wander around the pool as their patch is behind the pool bar.

On the way to the Al a carte restaurant I saw the setting sun across Perili Bay just as I was passing the stone stag in the bar. An idea struck me to get the sun through the antlers. This necessitated climbing a small wall and getting the angle of the camera right using the flip down rear screen. I'm sure the German guests thought I was another mad English man.

At 6.45pm, we met Julian and Julia in the upstairs Al a carte restaurant that overlooks the bay, and is open to the elements. Tomorrow is the last night of the season that it is open and we have a shared table with the other couple from the gullet. Only right to spread ourselves around.

We were able to have a good chat with them both. It turns out Julian was in the building industry and an area manager over seeing a few sites. He's a qualified sailor and has owned a few large boats. Julia is divorced from a police officer who since retiring has become quite wealthy setting up a couple of businesses. They were both very good company and the evening went very quick.

Afterwards we met the other couple in the bar for an hour for a drink. Julian ordered another Thai cocktail. He had a red t-shirt on tonight and managed to keep it clean. I forgot to ask him how many of this colour he had.

She who must be obeyed said she was tired and wanted to go to bed. We discussed getting up early to climb the mountain behind us to see the morning sunrise. She's sleeping as I type, but she's a terrible early riser and I'm not a lot better. The thought of a nice photo might spur me to jump out of bed about 6am!

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