Still Rockin'

By RockArea

Smooth Channel

Sounds like a radio station from the 80s, doesn't it?

Lady Marian called me on her way out this morning to tell me that the sea and clouds looked fabulous so I set off for Shaldon. It did look quite spectacular but it didn't last for long. This one has the 10 stop ND filter, with polarizer and a grad, smoothing things out even more with a 30s exposure. I think you probably have to look Large. There's a couple more here if you'd like more.

It was good just having a walk about and enjoying the much quieter town now the bulk of the holiday makers have gone.

I hope you've had a good day and are ready to enjoy your weekend.


PS if any of you D800 folk aren't aware, there's a firmware update (seems to have come out in May) Not sure what the benefits are but I'm sure it's good to have the latest on board to sort out any little bugs. I id the job this afternoon on mine.

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