Wednesday again. So soon!!
Pilates again this morning. Unfortunately I woke up with excruciating pain in my hip - even walking was difficult!
I did my best in pilates and explained to the teacher the hip problems I used to have - and which seemed to be back with a vengeance!
She watched me and said one side of my pelvis had clearly dropped down, leaving one leg shorter than the other. Marvellous!
So it's off to the chiropractor with me.
Unless any physios reading this think physio is more appropriate?
Mrs B?!!!
The rest of my day was pretty lazy. Until picking Miss E up for gymnastics and McDonalds.
My mum joined us so we went in rather than had a drive thru.
I ordered - Happy Meal, tea and diet coke - and paid. The tray was filled and handed over. With no tea.
"Can I have my tea please?"
"You ordered Happy Meal and diet coke"
"Oh no worries, you mustn't have heard me. Can I have a tea please?"
"There's no tea on here"
"I understand. Can I order tea please?"
"Just Happy Meal and diet coke" Slightly snippy now.
"PLEASE can I order - and pay for - a cup of tea" Not half as snippy as I felt!
Give me strength!!
I got my tea eventually and Miss E was very happy with her Happy Meal so all was well.

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