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By walkingMarj

Indian Summer

I remember that when I first read these words as a child, I found them thrilling. It described a special time at the end of the summer.

So where did I first read them? I thought it was in "The Little Grey Men" by BB, but I can't be sure. I tried to look it up and discovered that he also wrote a book called "Indian Summer" which I am sure I have never read. Curiouser and curiouser..... (no, I know that's from a different book!)

In the garden this afternoon, I picked apples.

Then I found a small hedgehog who should not have been out in the sun. I popped him/her into a box in the garage with water and food. When I returned later with a large box to house the creature, it had gone and so had most of the food. Hope it's OK.

There were a host of red admirals on the Michelmas daisies. I wanted to capture a close up image - not easy as they moved from one floret to another, drinking deeply. I've chosen to show the underside of the wings because of the delicate beauty and the colours. Who knew that Red Admirals have blue hair on the back of the head?

Rather tired after holiday......

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