A Life of Laughter

By LaughterLover

Down Time...

Today has actually been quote hectic for me today and it was through my own fault, so I shall not complain!

Rory phones me on his way to work this morning, but I was already awake as I had been for the majority of the night. I love Rory and is early morning phone calls, although I normally fall asleep straight after we hang up. A quick breakfast and change before meeting Kirstin en route to uni.

The first lecture of the day was about the development of the detective in literature which I thought would be interesting but it wasn't in the end. However, I managed to stay awake for the whole of the lecture which is better than last week at least!

I went straight from uni to Tesco to do a food shop and ended up leaving and wondering what on earth I will be able to make with the jumble of food I bought for the week! Chatted to Dad as I headed from Tesco back to the uni library which was nice. I printed off the reading for the tutorial later in the day then headed back to the flat to get the reading completed before I had to head back to uni.

A two hour block of a tutorial (again about the rise of the detective in literature) and my second lecture of the day (my module about death). I headed straight into town too look at books to buy using my Waterstones giftcard and came away with nothing but a few ideas. I've decided what I'm going to put Nan's money towards later in the week!

Back to flat for a dinner of chilli con carne which was yummy! Spending the rest of the night writing up lecture notes and hopefully shall squeeze in some reading before bed.

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