Journey Through Time

By Sue

Meet Olive

A neighbor girl up the street wanted me to meet her new kitty yesterday and I was fiddling around with the vacuum business and couldn't do it. So today I went to her house and got to meet Olive, their tabby kitten. She was taking a snooze when I got there, so she looks a little drugged, at least to me, in this image. She has a huge meow as she has some Siamese mixed in. Her brother looks Siamese, but she doesn't. But she sure is going to sound it. They got the kitten after they lost their good old dog, Odie a few months ago. He was a sweet, big dog who lived to 12 or so.

Bill has been working in the yard all afternoon and I was doing more vacuuming with the new machine and some other general housekeeping chores. So, not a very exciting day today. Tomorrow we are going on a bit of an outing, so stay tuned.

See ya

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