Every Picture Tells .....


Squawk My Parrot

It was another blistering hot day with temperatures touching 30°C. Managed to avoid the midday sun by following Peter's recommendations and going 150 feet underground into the Lascaris War Rooms beneath the Saluting Battery in Valletta.

They are a series of undergoing tunnels and rooms which housed Britain's WW2 HQ in the Mediterranean. From this room the offensive operations against Axis forces were directed.

This "ultra secret" room was the RAF Sector Fighter Control Room.

I would have given anything to have a play with those sticks pushing markers across the huge map.

"Squawk My Parrot" is the command for turning on the "friend or foe" transponder on the fighter planes.

Went over to Rinella Bay for an evening swim. The beach was deserted I swam alone. The headland round the corner was busy however. It's a well used filming location. There was lights, camera, action tonight.

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