Big Bearhugs to ........

....... Blip from BikerBear and BlipBear on this momentous day.

The most travelled Bear on Blip (and I'm pretty well-travelled too) wants to share in the celebrations and say thank you to BlipCentral for all the friends he has made around the world - without you guys none of this would have been possible - in fact, he would never have even been born!

Bigger Bear & Balloons

I would like to add my conblipulations too - Blip is THE best social photography site online and gives so much enjoyment to so many people.

HAPPY 3650th BLIPDAY ........... long may you reign!

~ Anni ~

Groan of the Day

Two men are out for a walk in the forest when they see a very large bear.
The first man takes a pair of trainers out of his backpack, puts them on and laces them up.
The other looks at him and says: " That's pretty stupid, you know, you can't outrun a bear "
" That's very true " says his friend " but, then again, I only need to outrun you!! "

Boom Boom (an oldie but a goodie - AND bear related!!)

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