Not what I planned ......

......... for today!

I was out with red balloons into the Lincolnshire countryside - tied them to fences, bushes, trees ..... they all looked really silly and nothing like the wonderful images that everyone has posted for the blip10 celebrations ....... looks like I made a bit of a cock-up!!!
Talking of fowl (the c**k word didn't seem appropriate there) ...... I did see this lovely rooster on my way home, couldn't persuade him to hold a balloon so he's all alone in his loveliness.

Will be up early to see what I can put together tomorrow for the blip celebrations - it's also a haircut day at my Mum's so will probably take my red balloons with me and see if we/she can get a blipten for her journal too.

~ Anni ~

Groan of the Day

A young man is trying out his brand new sports car along the country lanes.
There is no traffic about so he risks taking the speed into the 70's, 80' and then the 90's.
He speeds round a corner and sees two farmers standing in the middle of the lane chatting .
He wrenches the wheel sideways, the car shoots over the grass verge, flies into the air and lands upside down in the adjacent field.
One of the farmers turns to the other and says:
" That were lucky. I reckon we got out of that there field in the nick o' time!! "


NIKON D5200 : f/5.6 : 1/100" : 105mm : ISO 160 : EV +0.3

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