Not ..........

 ........ "mush room" left in the day for taking a photo ..... groan!!!!

Backblipped on Sunday morning.

Morning - drive to hairdressers - have hair cut - drink tea and chat.

Lunch time - visit a friend of Mum's and see that the man who has moved into Mum's cottage has completely butchered her beautiful garden (and he is parking his car on the pavement  right outside her friend's window!!!)  She is not happy to say the least.

Afternoon - meet Himself in Lincoln to look at a couple of car dealerships - the intention was a new car for him but we ended up putting a deposit down on an (almost new) car for me with test drive booked for next Saturday and then, if all is good, hand over the cash ....... all I heard all the evening was
 "Oh Shadow, poor Daddy can't eat nice food, go to the pub, can't have a holiday and can't even afford a bicycle now MUMMY has got HER new car

Suffice to say, we are off to the Audi dealers (other cars are available) in the morning (Sunday) for the pre-arranged (last Wednesday) test drive for him!!!

What he doesn't know is that we will be popping in to the supermarket on the way home!!!!!!!

I have my Friday flower ready and waiting for upload - along with an extra for the WBBN silly quizzy thing ......... think I am going to try a grab a shot of my "one tree" on the way to/from Kings Lynn for today's entry and then I hope to sprinkle BikerBear Hearts and HMs all over the place later this afternoon for FlowerFriday16.

Starting tomorrow, great excitement (or not - whichever way you look at it) I have been called for 14 days jury service - no ''missions'' can be undertaken for that period of time if I am selected - I just hope the world doesn't get overrun with villains while I am otherwise occupied!!!


See y'all later ...........

~ Anni ~

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