Don?t Know Nuffink

By Mrski1

Mini Blip Meet

Today started very similar to yesterday, with a long lie! A bacon butty and shower later and I headed off to Aberdeen to get some shopping done.

It seemed I was struggling to get anything at first, Slaters where I usually get my clothes had a small selection, and what I did like didn't fit properly, 32 waist was too tight, 34 was too big and too long, so I left and headed for HMV where I struggled to find any of the cd's I was after. Whilst I was in town I met Lyn and Simon for a little unofficial Aberdeen Blip Meet, they also came around the shops and helped me get some new work clothes which I eventually found in the forth shop!

It was a good day, and good to meet some new, like minded people.

Other shots from the day

Edit: Quick change of picture!

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