horns of wilmington's cow

By anth

Mulholland Man

Something I've fancied doing for a while - a few haphazard movie poster re-hashes. Sparked by this ooooold blip. So for a wee while I might just be sticking myself into odd poses, or creating things from inanimate objects, and hey, why not see if folk can guess the movie.

I know how to live life on the edge.

Hell, I could probably keep this going to my 500, but I'll doubtless see some other stuff to blip in the meantime - but just now my photos have been stagnating a wee bit, so time to introduce something a little different. And give me something else other than work to think about before I wind up like the character above... The boss has been ncie as pie today, which is more disconcerting I think than his normal lack of joie-de-vivre.

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