Life from a City

By LeggeAngie

Thou shalt not work

Chantler's October 2014 Word Challenge - work

Today's word: work. Except today is a Sunday. I don't work Sundays, but there are those who do, and here is the obvious one, those in the ministry. For them, this is their main day of work.

We went to a different church today. Designed by Nugent Cachemaille-Day, this church was finished in 1938. The outside looks relatively austere, so the first time I walked in, I was blown away by the beauty of the interior. Its the only 1930's Art Deco church I've ever been in, and its remarkable. The very high ceiling also gives fascinating acoustics, which seems to lose bass sounds a little. It would be a great space to put on a show. The interior is currently a bit shabby, and English Heritage are funding some work to restore it to its former glory.

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