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New Dawn #2

The second shot in the series, first one which explains a bit more about it is here.

Managed to get the timing almost spot on here, 8:54am compared to 8:53 am last time, but was a bit out on the location. I'd taken a copy of the first image on my phone to ensure I'd get the location right, but I missed. It's not much, but it's out a little.

It's maybe not the best place to see anything developing, but in amongst the trees the old buildings that were there last month are now gone. There are also a number of the trees marked with paint - not sure if they're being removed or not but this shot will highlight that if it happens.

The only other change of any significance is that the price of unleaded has gone up a penny to 110.9 and now matches the price of diesel.

Talking of a 'New Dawn', Scotland kick off their first football match under new management in around half an hour. A pretty sad state of affairs when the media's main concern over this, and the English match too, is the off-pitch scandals around individuals within each squad, turning the build up to the matches more like an article in Heat magazine than an International football match. And with South Africa just round the corner (sans Scotland) it's only going to get worse...

PS: If you're stuck for a blip tomorrow, which is World Book Day, julialmpam has set up a mini blip challenge over in the forums.

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