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Bowood 2014 #43

As Bowood would be closed after the weekend, I thought I would try out one or two of the public footpaths that cross parts of the Bowood Estate. Unfortunately they don't form circular routes and just to reach the lakeside footpath they all involve a walk of about half an hour each way first. I experimented with another public footpath leading to Pinhills that might have brought me to the lake from a different, permissive path but I was assured by a member of staff who drew up on a quad bike that this was not the case and had to retrace my steps to reach the Palladian bridge that marks the starting point of the lakeside walk.

On the way from my starting point at Pillars Lodge I saw a squirrel, a hare ran across the path, a grey heron flapped across a field and large numbers of recently released pheasants made quite a din. As I walked along the lakeside to the spot that I blipped I saw large numbers of Canada geese and at least three great crested grebes. The little cottage just visible in the picture (you might need Large to see it) is the same one that can be seen in several of the blips I've taken from the grounds, quite near the boat house on the opposite bank, and Bowood House was visible further to left of this picture.

This blip was taken at 1645 hr and by the time I got back to the car, 50 minutes later, night had fallen. On the way back I saw another grey heron, flying back to the heronry, heard a buzzard and an owl, and saw bats swirling in the twilight on the asphalt path.

Only one day away from posting on the actual day, finally, but will be in the Midlands for the next few days so probably won't be able to blip or comment until I get back.

1.11.2014 (1102 hr)

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Autumn Leaves (from the path to Pinhills)
Bowood Lake

A Visit To The Bowood Estate, 30 October 2014 (Flickr album)

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