Summer's Over

I've been thinking a bit more about Halloween. I think I feel the same way about it as Christmas, an objection to the trivialisation of a deep tradition to the extent that what everyone is actually celebrating now is pure parody. And I'm really not very good at joining in with things - especially when I'm drained of energy at the end of the working week. I think I was feeling a bit grumpy yesterday!

I woke up out of a weird, weird dream this morning feeling more tired than I felt last night. I normally sleep so soundly that I rarely recall any dreams but the remnants of this one didn't immediately vaporise as is usually the case. I was competing in the Tour de France, a stage in Yorkshire, at the front in a small breakaway of three. I wasn't getting ahead of myself though because I knew none of the riders were taking this stage very seriously. We soon stopped by a stile and were directed on to a footpath over fields towards the moor. We were carrying our bikes up a steep hill and the continental riders were none too impressed. As the whole field was walking I realised that this was my best opportunity to get my portrait of the day. But I wanted someone really famous so I waited to chat to Alberto Contador. I ended up walking with him for a while before asking him to stop so I could take a shot. After that I had to run back to get my bike but I couldn't remember where I had left it and the whole peloton was disappearing out of sight. That's when the panic set in which presumably caused to be wake up. It was all so incredibly vivid. I wonder what it means?

I have to admit that it was a bit of an effort to get out on the bike today. It felt a lot colder than yesterday but it was still remarkably mild for the time of year and I ended up being a bit overdressed. I headed up the valley to Grassington and then back via Greenhow. I've not been doing much cycling this last month and it told! It was great to get out and the skies were fantastic for photography. I think they are heralding change though. Summer might finally be over.

Finally, I have to make mention of Strictly, to which I am once again thoroughly addicted and don't mind admitting so! This week especially I was left in awe of the whole production. To think that it all gets put together in just a week is incredible. It must be a wonderful thing to be part of, whatever role you play. The make-up, the costumes, the choreography, the music, the performances, all were astonishing. The experience is clearly so profound that everyone is desperate to stay in as long as they can. They all care so much. I think it's nothing short of amazing! It's brilliant entertainment.

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