A Day Worth Recording

By Cheeseminer


Glorious sunshine this morning so we went on a walk after breakfast - exploring a walk E had discovered recently but not up the hills. Is this sacrilege? It had Railway Content so that was OK.

We passed under this bridge on the way out, and over it on the way back. It's height is completely over the top. No idea what traffic it was expected to pass under it - giraffes by the look of it.

The railway itself seems to be part of a former Midland route, passing through one of then two Malvern Wells stations - both now gone. The Water Cure trade must have been doing well to justify two (plus the other two stations in Malvern).

In the evening we went to see the performance of Romeo & Juliet. It was an excellent performance, with lots of energy and emotion poured into it. It's not often you get enough acting and pace along with the dialogue to really tell the story clearly.

Of course, that we were hosting half the cast added an extra interest.

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