horns of wilmington's cow

By anth


Not the 'best' shot of the day, but going to the ballet was the whole purpose of the trip so it had to be something from the night, and I hadn't taken the camera, so it was the phone doing the job.

During the day we'd actually managed to enjoy London for once. A morning walk along the Thames Path after going to Borough Market and having a nice breakfast from there. Wandered along to Tower Bridge, then across, and back to St Paul's again, but this time to go in and visit. No photos allowed inside, but once on the roof the views were worthy of shooting.

From there it was off to the rarefied air of Kensington and Chelsea, avoiding the city crowds, with Lamorghinis, Ferraris and Astons at every turn. And some gloriously kitsch Butler and Wilson cufflinks bought (will likely blip them at some point!). We weren't finished there, with a walk back to the hotel by Green Park, making friends with a squirrel en route.

But after that it was a couple of hours resting in the hotel, before getting ttarted up for dinner actually in the Royal Opera House (not bad, but definitely paying for the convenience of being in the building). The ballet was excellent, certainly some performances really stood out, and it seemed to satisfy Mel's desire for muscled thighs.

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