Arnside and beyond

By gladders


Today was one of those days when you have to have faith that the weather forecast is right about it brightening up later. It was almost twilight about 1100 am looking out of the office window, and then it lashed with rain. In the afternoon, as predicted, the clearance came, and I headed home early for a chance of seeing the sun. It looked like it might be shaping up for a spectacular sunset, but shortly after this was taken from Arnside Pier looking down the Kent estuary, the sun lowered itself into cloud. My faithful solitary gull is here, but not in the air.

On a different subject, on Tuesday when I blipped the Trig Pixie, I uploaded a photo of Gus to Flickr - he was in best sheepdog mode, hidden but for his eyes and the top of his head and back in a depression on the top of the Helm. While it looked as if he was staring at me, he was really intently watching his surrogate sheep, Rowan. Since it was posted, the photo has had over 24,600 views and 515 favourites, my most viewed photograph ever. That was quite exciting. There's another (partial) picture of him and Rowan here.

I've also posted a backblip from Wednesday.

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