Arnside and beyond

By gladders


I was pining this afternoon as I sat in the office, taking sideways glances out of the window as a fabulous sunset lit up the sky. This was the sunrise, of course, no fireworks, just a steady glow in intensity as the sun climbed behind the layered hills.

It's getting to the point now when there is no time to tarry to watch the sun rise, or else risk being late for work. I hate to miss it, it's such an energiser, the perfect way to start the day filled with optimism.

I'm not sure Gus shares my enjoyment, but he waits patiently while the camera clicks, and demands his reward of a Gravy Bone when I turn back to him. He stayed at home with Wifie today, and I got to take Rowan for a walk with Matt and Lily at lunchtime, while Sue was out at a site meeting. Rowan is a smart dog. I noticed today his technique for picking up a frisbee off a flat surface. He puts a paw on it, and pulls it until it kinks in the middle, at which point he picks it up. When the frisbee goes in the river, he paws it into shallower water, steps on one edge to pivot it upwards and thereby saves himself a ducking.

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