By davidc

Mono-Monday - "Framed" - Bessie Surtees' House

This blip shows two buildings framing a wooden-framed house containing the window-frame though which Bessie Surtees eloped with John Scott on November 18th 1772...so I think it fits today's Mono-Monday assignment adequately! (I note that the elopement was 242 years ago tomorrow!)

The actual window is the one on the bottom left of the first floor, above the plaque. John Scott subsequently became Lord Eldon and Lord Chancellor of England.

The building is down by the Quayside in Newcastle; it's now owned by English Heritage, and we were lucky enough to have a guided tour of the building earlier this year. As it is a black-and-white building I didn't need to do much mono conversion!

(Thanks to my blip-suffering wife for suggesting this as today's blip...and of course to Skeena for hosting Mono-Monday once again.)

Best viewed large.

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