The New Sculpture

Here we are…..bright and beautiful in the noon day sun…the Seedling. This is the kinetic sculpture that I blipped yesterday whilst it was still on the back of the truck. It was installed in its special spot on the banks of the Taylor River just nearby to the ASB Theatre which is under construction.
Keith and I made a trip to the Clubs of Marlborough for lunch today. We were looking forward to photographing the new sculpture from the second floor, an elevated position. The nor-west wind had got up since early morning and was blowing a gale and the “leaves” of the seedling were moving smoothly with the wind. It was hypnotic watching the leaves moving constantly and so gracefully. It is a magical sculpture and at 10 metres tall it will be quite a landmark. The sculpture was commissioned by the Dorothy Coulthard Arts Trust and is a very generous gift to the people of Marlborough.
I had a lot of fun photographing the Seedling from ground level early this morning whilst out walking the dog. The light was kinder then but I chose this image for my blip as it is from an elevated view point. No doubt I will be blipping more views of this new addition to the attractions of the Taylor River Reserve in the near future.

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