Not a hint of a blur

Today was one of those (rare) days when everything went right.
The weather helps - it has now been settled and almost cloudless for four days, made better by speaking to someone in Cornwall to hear a tale of rain and general gloom. Tee-hee.
We set off to see the American Coot - and we saw it. I won't inflict another blurred distant bird image on you.
We stopped by a pier to look for otters and one swam past.
We unexpectedly bumped into some old friends we haven't seen for some time at the Co-op
Down on the beach at Grenitote the light and colours were stunning. I managed to get my blip image there.
We stopped to see if the American Wigeon was still on its lochan and it was.
And the car didn't break down.
Life doesn't get any better!

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