Sublime To The Ridiculous - Go Ape

Sublime result for Lewis Hamilton at Abu Dhabi sealed with doughnuts, which I love, they always make me smile. :)

My daughter told me that she had seen her school mate, who is one of the main men at Rye House Kart Raceway, on the Sky TV F1 coverage from there. I thought I'd go and get pics of the track where Lewis started.

We have both driven the track and she got cracked ribs to prove it. I am particularly familiar, having baked a cake facsimile for my grandson's birthday party held there. I know my Stadium Bend from my Reg's Elbow. ;)

I was surprised to see the slightly ridiculous sight of tuk-tuks hurtling around the track. They're Piaggio Apes, nothing to do with monkeys, it's a translation from the Italian for bee. I appreciated the chutzpah of the guy in the white one. On two wheels most of the time. Just as well they have outriders.

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