A trip down south

Backblip......I'm sitting up in bed early on Thursday morning typing this but there is not Internet, I'll just have have load when I get home, or perhaps on the way home.

OldTimer and myself drove the 6 hour drive south to Gore to a meeting, yes a long way for a meeting but was fun. The gale force nor westers didn't make it an easy drive but we arrived safe and sound for the 6.30 start.

We are staying in a beautiful home way way in the wop wops 50 km from Gore . Greenvale Station is a 7,000 acres station and 10,000 stock units.

My blip is where we stopped for lunch on our journey South, a delightful seaside town of Moreaki. The lower image is of the amazing and very old bridge structure over the Clutha River at the town of Balclutha. Wonderful country we drove through, rolling downs with sheep and cattle grazing separated with many lines of trees of varying sizes used as wind breaks these breaks sure came into there own today, phew is it windy.


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