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River Avon At Chippenham

It's been dismal weather for the last few days and at the moment I'm only blipping naturally occurring photo opportunities, thus sparing viewers random shots of bookshelves or CD collections, the overrun garden or plates of food. Smokey hasn't presented himself to the camera either, so I've only taken a couple of pictures since my trip to Dyrham Park, and this is my most recent picture at the time of writing.

I had been on a shopping and research expedition to Chippenham, the nearest neighbouring town to home, and was walking back to the car via a River Avon path in Monkton Park when I took this view. I used the HDR setting on the iPad. I'm not sure if this is true HDR from multiple images or a pseudo effect, but the result is thankfully subtle in either event.

28.11.2014 (1540 hr)

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Jack White - Lazaretto (2014)
As heard on Mojo Presents The Best Of 2014, the cover CD that arrived on this day.

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