touch the silence

It was a great idea to go downside to Galloway Coastline. We left the Edinburgh past 8 am and just took one break for coffee during the way downside to Dumfries and Galloway area. I was surprised how town Dumfries looks like when we drove through.

We' ve arrived at Rockcliffe past 11 am. Weather looked almost cloudy but good.
First impression was prodigious.

This picturesque village is so quiet and really beautiful. We were looking through the small sandy beach on the deserted horizont of Solway Firth. And the silence around us was outstanding at that moment. We were looking into the void. Like the natural art of zen. This scenery really worked like that for me !

So after a couple of minutes we started to walk "Kippford and Rockcliffe circular" in opposite direction.
It' s a short walk beetween these two villages. Easy walk I must say.
We were crossing one place full of mussels near the Rockcliffe and spent almost ten minutes at that point. My searching mission was succesful and I found these two beautiful mussels and arranged them into one beautiful composition.
After that we were continuing our small journey through the way to Kippford where you could met really fun but beautiful kind of art (made from wood, mussels, stone and ...).

There is a small nice shop with name The Ark. We bought couple of postcards here. I must say that I like the old "offline" habit when I could send a postcards from places where I' m.
The lady who is running the shop was so friendly and finally I found one of my Christmas' gifts for my mother here.

I chose the cup with really beautiful drawings of robin. Home decor design looked great and cleverly done. One bigger robin had been placed outside the cup and the other smaller one just inside the cup above. So nice and clever idea. I should leave small kind of advertisement right here ;-)

When we went outside the shop the sun went through the clouds over the area.
This village is probably busy during the summer time. I could imagine that fact. Must be perfect for the afternoon which you should go to spend on the boat.

Our journey back was leading us around the Mark Hill. We haven' t been there on top. But this place is important by the historic facts. We met there even Highland cattle on the bottom meadow at Rockcliffe.
After that we were back in Rockcliffe.

Last short stop here for taking a pictures and we decided to go back to Edinburgh so we didn' t able to visit Kagyu Samye Ling Monastery and Tibetan Centre. Nothing wrong with that because our day was full of relaxation and mind treatment provided by Solway Coast.

We drove through the A710 with beautiful countryside just around. Of course we couldn' t miss the chance to make a quick stop at New Abbey. Ruins of Sweetheart Abbey looks so imposing. I like especially the colour here.

At the end of my story of the day i would like to thank to blipper caffeinated who left the comment on my previous blip and confirmed that I chose great options for walks (our trip) when I was planning that on Friday evening. Much appreciated for that. Hope that you will be enjoying this blip and whole the story. I could dedicate this blip especially for you.

And hope that everybody had a good Saturday as well especially you who stopping by.

Calm your mind for now and see today' s blip once again on large and listen to the song "Hope for Enlightenment"* by Lama Gyurme and Jean-Philippe Rykiel.

* taken from the album Lama Gyurme - The Lama's Chant: Songs of Awakening

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