Moonrise 2:04 PM

I was driving home thing to gather my camera equipment thing about where I might go exploring to find a blip when I noticed this beautiful moon hanging low in the pure blue sky.

It was a stunning sight. I wondered where I could get the best view of it. I stopped the car several times along the drive, looking out the windows, locating it and picturing where it would be by the time I would return to that spot.

Then it dawned on me. It was rising in the east. I didn't have to go any further backyard! The rising moon. Close to the horizon always appearing larger than life and quite a lovely sight in the early afternoon.

It was a cooler day today (75º/24º) after the last few warm 'October-like' days. Friday we even tied a record at 85º/29º . It has been spectacular. Especially considering our average high this time of year is seven degrees cooler than even today!

I think there's a 20% chance of rain one day later this week. We haven't had any rain in about 40 days. We could use a nice soaker.

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