Mail to Messy

By Horomaka

On a Roll...?

I always love it when the nearly full moon crests the hills at the top of the valley. First there's a glimmer of silver and before you know it, Mr Moon is above the skyline and making his way upwards at quite a rate of knots.

I wish I was feeling as inflated today to be honest. While the moving out of stuff is going well (Mrs H and her brother took another load down to The Forest today), my day has been one of frustration, trying to get to the bottom of a few curly issues around consents and code compliance on our house before it's sold. Stressed? You betcha.

I think in a way it's there to make the transition from Peninsula life a little easier - at this rate getting everything sorted will be more of a relief than anything else. Which is a sad way to leave what has been a wonderful home. Thanks CCC for your Kafkaesque red tape of obfuscation. Not.

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