Twilight Trees

Today we had our 'Understanding Society' interviews.

"Understanding Society is a unique and valuable academic study that captures important information every year about the social and economic circumstances and attitudes of people living in 40,000 UK households."

We've taken part for quite a few years now and it was a little sad that after a new tender, the contract has now been awarded to a different company, so the nice lady that has visited us in past years will no longer be the person we see. Ah well.

After that was done, we had a late lunch and then I popped out for a blip. The weather's been variable and it's seemed a bit on the chilly side again. I don't know what it's been like in the colder parts of the nation but here in sunny South Devon with the wind whistling over the golf course where I chose to go, it was distinctly fresh. So fresh that I didn't want to spend much time out at all.

I wanted to get some trees with the dramatic sky behind them but there was not much refuge from a very bright sun. I liked the way these silhouetted trees came out. It looked much more orange but I've desaturated the colour to give it more of the bleak look that I remember.

It's my village photo club meeting tonight so I'll probably catch up tomorrow.

Have a good evening.


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