An Obsessive Photographer

By MadDogGiraffe

The Christmas Tree in Trafalgar Square

Freezing night in London tonight, I did see a small number of people sleeping rough, hope they have all they need to keep warm.

Did some time lapse photography along the river but it is hard as you get moved on by "Security" as no tripods! Bloody ludicrous H&S issue apparently. Crazy world, if people are to busy texting to look where they are going then that is their lookout.

Grumble over; London is a busy place at this time of year, every open space seems to be filled with some form of Christmas Fayre , I must have had about 4 or 5 mulled wines on my travels; just to keep warm you must understand.

Being away from home I can't upload my DSLR images so it is the iPhone to the rescue again, low light is not its best quality. Mac Book Pro on order at work for photography service supplied, this will help.

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