More Changes

I had a meeting with the interior designer this afternoon to look over the floor plan and decide on what would be best for the cladding. Because of the ground the cladding has to be as as light as possible. Normally they replace with like.. as what is on the house now, which is summerhill stone bricks and weatherboard mix with a concrete tile roof. The architect did the drawing with all Durable Linea cladding. Both the interior designer and my self like the the mix of board and Rockcote cladding. That has been passed by the insurance company as it is more expensive.

After a few changes to the plans.. it is starting to look good. No date on when the house may start to be rebuilt yet. It is going to be fun choosing the colours etc. I do have a certificate in interior design and in interior decorating which I did at the polytechnic in the 90's. I got top of the class each year manly because I am good with colours.

After a very grey start the afternoon turned out sunning just for a short time and it was so good to see some sun at last.

PS.. On looking at this photo the house plans before we changed them the lines look diagonal, which it hasn't, they are straight across.

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