A Life of Laughter

By LaughterLover

Selfie Madness

Rory was up bright and early which meant I was too, until he left for work just after half 7 and I went back to bed to read and fell asleep. I woke up at 11 completely confused and annoyed at myself.

After a shower, I got cracking on making yet more notes for my upcoming exam. A quick lunch, a stint on the turbo and then back to revision. A quick phone call to Dad to tell him about my coursework result and then back to revision. A quick tidy up around the flat, another stint on the turbo and then hair and make up before Rory came home.

We spent a while mucking around on the turbo with Rory's heart rate monitor before having dinner whilst watching Breaking Bad. We watched a bizarre film called The Conspiracy, so very weird. More Breaking Bad whilst making our way through a tub of Ben and Jerry's Cookie Dough.

I should probably have packed my bags for going back to Dundee but oh well....tomorrow shall have to do!

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