A slice of Lesley's life

By Lesley

What you looking at?

Nothing, honest. I know the laptop is on, well my lap, obviously, but I'm doing something extraordinarily, incredibly crucial to the smooth running of our family and enhancing of our life and I am most definitely not blipping when I should be getting ready to go out.

So far, I've only had 'the glance' but I suspect 'the look' is not far behind so I'd better hurry up.

This is J after an arts and crafts birthday party this morning. Taken on the iPhone and on the move hence the quality. I wasn't expecting him to turn to me but he was announcing that he hadn't blinked in 30 seconds.

Busy day all round - ballet, bike buying (Anna), party to and fro'ing, swimming (me and A), cinema (C&J). Reckon that has involved walking around 5 miles. Am I ready for dinner out with Carl? Well yes, obviously after all that. And, er no, or I wouldn't be in fear of 'the stare' which will come shortly after 'the look' which I'm also hoping to avoid.

Watch her go...
Lesley x

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