Wild garlic

After yesterday's drama I slept in. I had a good soak in the bath and then took Brammle for a long walk. I decided to go somewhere new and discovered a beautiful place to walk by the river close to the cottage. It was covered in wild garlic and the air was pungent with their scent. It will be a fantastic place for some portraits, so I took some very quick snaps to remind me. Murron had her friend Paddy to play, so we made pizza and they chose what toppings they wanted. Dropping Paddy home, I had a good 'pick-me up' chat with her mum who had also bought me an inspirational looking book which couldn't have come at a better time.

Given that I had to cancel two shoots yesterday, I am feeling a little behind on my work. I will not succumb to worry though and will try to get more in gear tomorrow.

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