Don?t Know Nuffink

By Mrski1

Lycra And Carbon

This morning I got a bit of a lie in, I had to call the doctors at 08:30 to book an appointment during open surgery today, otherwise it would be weeks before I could get another appointment, thankfully I got one for 09:50 and trudged off to the surgery to figure out why I haven't shifted this cold thing in 4 weeks. I got the response I thought I would get:

"Eat well, drink plenty of water, and if it is not clear in 2 weeks come back for a blood test, but it's probably a viral infection. Oh and don't train for at least another week"

Bugger! That is going to be 5 weeks with no training, after my winter schedule had been going so well too! That will also mean I have to miss tonights first confined time trial for my cycling club.

I headed off to work, picking up my black and white prints from Jessops on the way in, I am really pleased with them, especially the portraits of Phoebe, Myself and Phoebe again!

I left work after another day of headphones in tasks, and drove over to the start of the time trial where I had volunteered to stand at the 5 mile turn, although someone got there before me and stole my job, this left me free to stand at the top of Ardlethen hill which is only a mile or so into the 10 mile course, to get some shots of the club members faces as their heart rates shoot through the roof sprinting up the 1/10 hill.

Once finished I drove to the shop to buy some vitamins to help me along with my virus, and some more ingredients for beetroot brownies. This is my third attempt at making brownies in a week, the other two attempts were made using a Jamie Oliver recipe and it never seemed to cook properly, the top would go hard but the middle remained a sugary gooey mix, so I reverted back to Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall's version which always works and tastes brilliant!

I just have to wait for them to cool, and try them in the morning for breakfast!

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