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Not room 101

Was very tempted to blip our bedroom which currently feels a little like room 101 - the house is not yet put back to order from being decorated and now we have to move stuff around again for the new boiler to be fitted this week.

This image is a Jackson request. On Friday, when I had been thinking about what to blip for my 100th, I mentioned to the kids the idea of them and Carl forming 100 for me on the lawn. I then had the idea which I used because I preferred it. Jackson didn't. So we decided to shuffle them about a bit and make 101. However, after waking up very early in pain due to splinters in her hand and after the subsequent health centre visit Anna was asleep on the sofa and had to be subbed in by the football. After having had me stab at her hand for a good 30minutes before taking her off to professionals with ice spray and proper equipment Anna's feeling a little delicate and I'm sure won't mind.

Another gloriously sunny day today, though I am off to spend the afternoon indoors at our penultimate Sunday rehearsal. 10 days until curtain up and I'm getting very excited. A little nervous too, but it's quite a nice feeling as largely my work is done and I am able to sit back a little and enjoy this last part of the process.

Can't go though without a bit of a gushy moment...really was quite overwhelmed by the warm comments and wishes on my 100th blip. I love the challenge of taking a photo a day and I love keeping a journal to look back on and remember the things you thought you'd never forget. BUT would I bother if no-one came to look? Hard to say but fortunately I don't have to. Thank you collectively and I will get around to thanking you individually if I haven't already. Just not today.

Have a good one you lovely folk
Lesley x

ps - the really cheeky face is because a second later he is going to kick the ball away to make 11. What can I say, he doesn't get his love of slapstick from me.

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