What do you call it?

As many of you have experienced, Blip are sometimes quick hits before the end of the day or at the other end of the scale, something just absolutely jumps out at you. There are in-betweens but these are the extremes.

This one jumped and demanded!

Around our office, we have wee remote controls that let you alter the intensity of the office lights. These go missing sometimes and have been the subject of a few e-mail amnesty campaigns that always reminds me of the periodic knife and gun amnesties that the police run from time to time.

Standard Life as company seems to live and breath on beauracracy, management speak and office bulls**t. This wee sign appeared recently under each of the remote holders and made me chuckle as it is very un-office speak.

So what is the remote called in your house?

We have either the Dibber or The Force.

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